How Our Students Are Making 2k - 10k Per Month Taking Pictures Part Time
Without Ever Having To Leave The House!

*Learn How To Take Advantage of The Trillion Dollar ECommerce Industry To Make A Great Income Taking Pictures Of Random Stuff From Home!
(Way Easier Than You Think)

The Secret To How All This Actually Works:
It's no secret that Ecommerce has literally taken over the internet. Everywhere you look there's a new brand popping up selling a new product.

It's competitive. Downright cut-throat. Every brand fighting tooth and nail trying everything they can to gain an advantage.

So how do you get a slice of that pie without competing with billion dollar companies?

"You Sell Shovels To Gold Miners"

Here's what I mean.
During the gold rush there were hundreds of thousands of wannabe millionaires that flocked out west to try to strike it rich. Unfortunately for this overly optimistic group of travelers almost none of them actually made any money. Most lost everything!

But what people didn't see was the clever group of people that wanted to make a fortune on a real market demand instead of rolling the dice panning through dirt.

These people focused on selling the gold miners what they NEEDED .
Let's say only 1 out of 50 gold miners actually found gold.
How many of those gold miners do you think still needed a shovel.

Every single one of them!

This is exactly what's happening in the ecommerce industry today.
There are MILLIONS of ecommerce companies out there that NEED professional product photography to be able to sell their products.

This is where we come in.
We provide a service to an enormous growing industry that they need to survive.

Inside of this E-book we show the exact steps our students use to make a killing selling shovels.
And if you enjoy photography, GREAT!
You now have an opportunity to make money doing something you actually enjoy.
Imagine that!

In this E-book we will show you everything you need to start getting your first clients as soon as this week including:

How to take stunning photography without it taking hours.
How to build your own website the easy way.
A mindset hack that improves ALL areas of your life.
And much more!

We have sold this information in the form of a video course for as much as $2,000.

But because I'm clearly crazy and obviously hate money.

We are giving it away today for just $1.


If these students can get results like this
so can you!

First customer in his first week going live with free methods.

Wedding photographer doing $2,821 in her second week.

2 Sales for $375 each in her first week running low cost ads.

First customer in his first week going live with free methods.

Wedding photographer doing $2,821 in her second week.

2 Sales for $375 each in first week running low cost ads.

Product Photography Profits

Lifetime Access.
  • Chapter 1: Winning Mindset ($199 Value)
  • Chapter 2: Taking Expert Product Photography ($499 Value)
  • Chapter 3: Easy Website Building Blueprint ($699 Value)
  • Chapter 4: Automated Marketing  ($699 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Ways To Get Your First Client This Week ($499 Value)

But what if....?!?!?

What if this is too competitive?

It's actually the opposite! The difference between this strategy and others is, the more ecommerce companies get professional photography done, the more others are forced to as well to keep up, which means the more people need our service!

I just don't think this will work for me, I'm not (tech savvy enough, young enough, smart enough, good enough)?

We have successful students from 18 to 78 that join our course and see success, all with different experience levels. Some have never held a camera before some have never even thought about building a website. Anyone can do this!

What if I work a full-time job and don't have a ton of time to work on this?

That's not a problem at all! Most of our students start part-time. While some choose to make this their full-time income, some are just looking to make some extra money on the side and that's totally fine!

Can I make millions of dollars doing this?

Probably not! While I think it's unlikely you will scale this business to millions a year in profit, It's definitely reasonable to get to $5k or 10k a month working very part time, or $10k or $30k per month working more full time! - 711 E Ascension St #750 Gonzales, LA 70737 - Privacy Policy - Earnings Disclaimer - Terms & Conditions - Contact